Spring 2024

As winter reluctantly loosens its icy grip, the Upstate of South Carolina undergoes a remarkable transition into the gentle embrace of spring. The landscape, once blanketed in frost, begins to awaken with a subtle symphony of life. Dormant trees tentatively bud, while colorful blooms timidly peek through the thawing soil. 

As the days lengthen and the sun's golden rays grow stronger, the Upstate transforms into a verdant tapestry of rebirth, offering a welcome respite from the chill of winter and a hopeful herald of the vibrant season ahead. And as these signs of new beginnings come into view, our community is also seeing new beginnings – like the development of a new website and increased efforts to better engage our community members.

Please take the time to visit our page on Facebookand we ask that you follow us and like the page. Share it with your friends. Tell your neighbors who may not be aware. But most importantly, take the time to enjoy the posts and get involved! The more each one of our residents takes part in community events, the more the Board and its volunteers want to do the work of bringing you events that you may appreciate. Heritage Lakes is your community.... let's make it the best place to live in the Upstate!

Your community as seen thru a neighbor's lens.

Lake Steeplechase Sunset
Brian Barron

"Happy Spring neighbors!! My name is Matthew Anderson and I am excited to be the new President of Heritage Lakes HOA. For those that haven't met me, my wife Jill and I moved to the neighborhood in 2022 and have loved being a part of the community. 

We're excited for another fun summer at the pool and hope to have some fun community events to get to meet more of you. We are usually out walking our chocolate lab, Miller, so if you see us, please say hi!. 

If you have any ideas for events, would like to help, volunteer, or just have a question, please send the board an email or, even better, come to our board meetings and participate. We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at the clubhouse at 6:30pm. Enjoy the nice Spring weather!"

Matthew Anderson

Loss is inevitable. Forgetting those no longer with us is not. Condolences to our neighbors who have lost a loved one this year:
Janice and Frank Thompson who lost their son, Robert, in January.
The family and friends of Billy Garrett who passed away this February.
The family and friends of Fred Benanti who passed away this February.

This is a time for us to all work together to spruce up the common areas in our neighborhood.  Besides the normal bush and tree trimming and hauling off dead branches in the woods and along the walking path, we will be painting some of the pool furniture and picnic tables, repairing some of the fencing around the pool and tennis courts, cleaning the grills at the clubhouse, possibly do some pressure washing of the fence along Hwy 14.  If you have suggestions for neighborhood cleanup please contact Dee Vaughan at

We would love to see this be a neighborhood event.  At noon we will all gather for lunch together, sort of an old “dinner on the grounds” event.

If you can help with the work and would like to also help with lunch, please sign up here.

Who's ready for the blocks? We'll soon find out as the 2024 Heritage Lakes Blue Wave Swim Team registrations have opened. Registration began on March 1st with Early Registration Deadline coming on April 28th. May 5th marks the late registration deadline so time is of the essence if you want to make the team.

First day of afternoon practice starts on May 6th and the first day of morning practices begins on May 28th.
Swim team fees are as follows:
$125 - First child
$115 - Second child
$100 - Each additional child ($500 max)
$95   - Guppy registration (age 4-6)

Register here

Easter is nearly upon us, but are we ready for the Easter Bunny's Egg Hunt? We could be if we can get the help of our community members. This year, Charis Burger is heading up our Social Committee's work and she needs our help. If you can spare some time to help make this Easter one to remember for our little ones, please take the time to sign up by clicking this link and we'll get in touch.

Per the Farmers Almanac, the end of March marks the beginning of the spring planting season in the Upstate. Depending on the specific weather conditions and soil temperature, you may consider planting cool-season vegetables such as lettuce, kale, spinach, carrots, radishes, and peas. You might also start planting some warm-season crops indoors for later transplanting, such as tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. 

Another spring gardening task is weed prevention and just about the best way to do it without harsh chemicals is by mulching. Make sure to remove established weeds then apply mulch to a 2-3 inch depth. If you're looking to purchase mulch, or prefer to hire someone to do the work, get in touch with CJ Mulch and More – it's likely you'll deal with Heritage Lakes resident and past board member Jay Clark!

If you need help selecting plants or amending your beds, we suggest a visit to the Country Boy's nursery on Woodruff Road. If you have recommendations for nurseries or tips for gardening success here in Heritage Lakes, let us know. 

And, last but not least.... are any of you interested in starting a Heritage Lakes Garden Club? Email us if you are.

Get peas planted early. February is great. March is still okay.

Many of our community residents have expressed interest in doing a Community Yard Sale. We're all for it. Other residential communities nearby hold theirs in the month of May and we think that would be a great time for ours. Now it's up to you. If you're interested in having one, please take the time to complete a quick survey so we can gauge interest. Take the survey here.